2010 Medium-Duty Preview

January 2010 marks the next major reduction in federal diesel emission regulations, one that will require truck manufacturers to make significant changes to engines and exhaust systems.

All but one original equipment manufacturer will use selective catalytic reduction to meet 2010 emission regulations. Navistar International will use an expanded version of its current exhaust gas recirculation technology. As this issue went to press in early August, most manufacturers had not released details about their upcoming model changes, prices or specific adjustments they may make to accommodate the SCR technology. Several manufacturers told Light & Medium Truck they were planning announcements in late summer or early fall.

All OEMs using SCR will have to make similar changes to their current models. SCR requires a separate canister in the exhaust stream and an on-board container to hold the diesel exhaust fluid, a urea-based reactant required for SCR to work. The canister, about the size of the standard muffler, will be placed after the diesel particulate filter. The DEF containers will be different sizes and placed in different locations, depending on factors such as the size of the engine, application and body type, among others.

While the 2010 federal regulations are for engines built beginning Jan. 1, the dates when 2010-compliant models become available will vary depending on factors such as the number of current models in inventory and the rate of sales, among others. The Japanese manufacturers will have significantly later delivery windows for 2010-compliant vehicles than domestically-built trucks and some models will not show up until 2011.

Beyond that, brands and truck models are leaving the market.

General Motors (Chevrolet, GMC brands) and Sterling Trucks have stopped producing medium-duty commercial trucks. Although there are units from those brands in inventory and being sold, model details are not included here.

Ford Motor Co. and Navistar International have halted production of their low-cab-forward models, the LCF and CityStar, respectively, due to low sales, and Mitsubishi Fuso will not offer its Classes 6/7 models after 2010 MY inventory is gone.


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